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Why a Home Inventory Is Important

August 19th, 2013

  Let’s try a little exercise: Can you list everything you own from memory? Didn’t think so.   The fact is most people own more things than they realize. It’s easy to remember the cars, the computer, the TV. But what about that holiday china in the garage?  Or every pair of shoes?   All…Read More

Basic Disaster Supplies Kit

August 12th, 2013

Recommended Supplies List (PDF) Recommended Supplies List (Text) A basic emergency supply kit could include the following recommended items: Water, one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days, for drinking and sanitation Food, at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food Battery-powered or hand crank radio and a NOAA Weather…Read More

Protect your home

August 5th, 2013

Watch a short video on how to get your home ready in the event of a storm.

How to Prepare Your Boat for a Hurricane

July 31st, 2013

The key to protecting your boat from hurricanes or any severe weather is planning, preparation and timely action. Most of the work is done PRIOR to the storm. Generally, you have from 12 to 24 hours to take action after bad weather is predicted or a hurricane warning is issued but the key is to…Read More

Monthly safety meetings

September 6th, 2012

As your insurance agent we want to have the best possible coverage to fit your needs and that includes using a risk managent approach to your keep your costs low. One key element is safety meetings. Anyone looking to have monthly safety meetings will need material to use with your employees. Here are a few…Read More

Certificates of Insurance

February 1st, 2012

For anyone that requests certificates of insurance on a regular basis, we have a new and easy way to get your information to us. Email your certificate requests to and make sure to provide all the pertinent information (name,address, and fax number/email), and we will make sure to send it out in a timely fashion….Read More

We have moved

January 25th, 2012

In case you did not hear Alan Williams & Associates Insurance has moved to a new but very close location. Our new address is 13720-2 Six Mile Cypress Pkwy, Fort Myers, FL 33912. It is located directly behind our old location in the same office park. Come around and check out our new office and…Read More

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