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Meet your local insurance experts.

Outstanding service starts with an outstanding team. Meet the professionals behind AWA Insurance.

Esther Wong

CEO and Co-founder

Esther has been with the Agency since 1980. Esther is a graduate of the University of South Carolina.

Esther’s mantra is the Golden Rule. “We strive to treat every client how we would want to be treated.” With over 35 years of insurance experience she has seen regulations come and go. However, one thing that has not changed is her desire to serve this community well.

Jeff Williams


Jeff has been with the AWA Insurance Agency, since 1993. He has literally grown up in the business, and is a native of Fort Myers, having lived here all his life. He has specialized in commercial insurance for the last 25 years partnering with business owners as they work and grow.

Jeff has been the head of the sales and marketing department since 2007, leading a dedicated sales force from AWA Insurance into Southwest Florida with a desire to keep our community safe and create value for our clients.

Esther Wong, CEO esther@awainsurance.com
Jeff Williams, President jeff@awainsurance.com
Josh Chandler, Office Manager josh@awainsurance.com
Matthew Dinkel, Benefits matt@awainsurance.com


Charlene Devine frontdesk@awainsurance.com
Personal Lines
Brandon Januska brandon@awainsurance.com
Duane Stemle duane@awainsurance.com
Elisabeth Hernandez liz@awainsurance.com
Jaci Acuna jaci@awainsurance.com
Tiffany Ashby tashby@awainsurance.com 
Commercial Lines
Alefa Kerry alefa@awainsurance.com
Bruce Ingram bruce@awainsurance.com
Jennifer Alf jennifer@awainsurance.com
Karen Gross karen@awainsurance.com
Lourdes Gonzalez lourdes@awainsurance.com
Mary Wood mary@awainsurance.com
Nicolette Lopez nicolette@awainsurance.com
Bernice Ortega bernice@awainsurance.com
Matthew Dinkel matt@awainsurance.com
Stephanie Vargas stephanie@awainsurance.com
Tim Murno tim@awainsurance.com
Barbara Revels barbara@awainsurance.com
Frank Patsones frank@awainsurance.com
Jeff Schorle jeffs@awainsurance.com

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